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We are in an era where it is expected that human resource professionals are magical. This is due to the fact that these professionals, with limited financial resources need to help employees reduce stress levels while keeping them engaged and productive.

In the book Lean & Meaningful, written by Roger Herman and Joyce Gioia, one of the important points that we raised as of great importance in the workplace is to support the family's needs and priorities of employees. This point is also a determining factor that makes an organization to be a choice company (

The former writer at Business Week, Michelle Nichols, has helped Human Resources professionals in this area to support family needs. In 1998, Nichols, unexpectedly lost his youngest son, Mark, due to brain cancer. After the death of her son, in his memory, she had put two "billboards" in Houston road, suggesting that parents embrace their children every day. The massive reaction of society Nichols inspired to write her new book, "Hug Your Child Today: 5 Lessons for Every Father Worker".

This book, easy to read, with 156 pages, not only chronologically tells the story of Nichols but also offers advice to stressed parents: "Do not try to balance," says the author, "but prioritize." She urges parents to "put family first and work second." "Spend a few minutes, hugging their children every morning." Nichols says, "and you'll have more good conscience, joy and success."

Her strong feelings about the value of a hug led her to create "The National Hug Day in Your Children." On Monday, July 21, events will take place in the states of Georgia, Florida, California and Nevada. In addition, eight of the biggest clubs in Baseball League, through electronic billboards, highlight this special day. Several posters and billboards promote the celebration of this date. Visit (There are medical reports that the embrace is therapeutic for both parties, supporting the immunization system and creating endorphins, making people feel good).

Embrace the children every morning, it is not a very big task and will make workers feel less stressed. It is hoped that ideas like this, low-tech but effective, appear to support workers in some way. It is expected also see an increase in the publication of books and articles similar to Nichols that may impact parents in a positive way, making be more prepared to face the challenges of everyday life.

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Published on 16/07/2008.

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