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A poll was recently conducted by the new magazine "Open Air" on our preferences regarding outside activities and how we prefer to do them. Some answers were expected and the other appear surprising.

First there is the preference of US citizens in making outdoor exercises. In answer to the question "If you were part of an outside recreational activity, what else would you like to do?" 40% of respondents answered "exercise". This response exceeded answers like "Company", "Time of Reflections" and "Inspiration". When asked where these same citizens would like to spend their final most cherished week, the overwhelming response of 48% of respondents was "outdoors". The answers that came after them were "In the church" and "In the Kitchen" (18.6% and 13.6% respectively).

The United States has sought more outside activities to relax and renew their energy. The question I ask, "If you have the opportunity to spend a month alone in a remote cabin in the woods, what else would please you?" The answers, not amazing (36.4%) showed that people would want to "rest and recharge," while 24.4% said they "would miss their loved ones," and 20.6% said they "would have the opportunity to feel the closeness of God. "

The set of the most revealing answers came to the question: "With who would you rather play golf?" Only 3.7% of respondents indicated that they would prefer to play golf with their bosses. Most of those surveyed responded enthusiastically that they would prefer to play with a total stranger.

In general, the search result reflects significantly the growing interest of people exercising outdoor activities, also showing a great understanding of the need and the value of the constant physical exercise. It is noticed the increase in the interest of being outdoors for some contemplative activities and reflection on life in order to become better and better people. The population as a whole, shows a very strong tendency to follow consciously toward the old saying "healthy mind in a healthy body".

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Published on 10/09/2008.

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