Professional Success - Release the clown in you

That's the message of a human development course offered to companies of England. Sound strange? So just look at the name of the course "How to be an idiot." You are shocked? Now know who gives this course in reputable organizations is a British actress and circus clowns professional trainer named Angela de Castro, who, incidentally, is Brazilian.

Guys, this is not great? Definitely, the corporate world yielded to the evidence that spontaneity, joy and good humor are important in organizations environment.

Who works humorous relates more easily, is more creative and productive, fundamental characteristics for today's professional. It is no news to anyone that good relationships in the corporate environment facilitate the exchange of information, which in turn gives more flexibility to the decision-making. As for creativity, it is the fuel for innovation - and every company has to be able to innovate constantly. Finally, the high productivity is what every company seeks in these times that we must do more with less ...

We see, then, that a good mood translates into better competitive conditions in the market!

Now, if it is sufficient that one person is humorous to transform the mood of an entire team, imagine what can not a group of people who liberated their clowns ... and put them all to work together!

The objective of Angela's work and his company, Contemporary Clowning Projects (something like "project of contemporary clownery"), is to get people to play more, to be less skeptical, do not be afraid to make mistakes and can feel comfortable with their mistakes. Participants has experiences that break the censorship standards and the fear of ridicule that limit most people, especially in the workplace.

As a militant of joy, I feel very gratified by the recognition that laughter and good humor have today by organizations. For eight years I have been encouraging people to express what I call the "inner child", the part of us that is authentic, expresses our feelings, is a curious experience, not be afraid of making mistakes. So are we as children, but as we become adults, we incorporate role models "socially appropriate", we become serious, self controlled and afraid of what others will think. Repress such good humor and spontaneity that comes a time when we have to relearn how to express them. Is not it amazing?

Well, if you are interested in relearning, put more laughter in your life. Watch comedies in film and theater, read funny things, seek the company of good-humored people. Do not be ashamed to be also brighter, warm and playful. Do not take yourself so seriously!

Now, if you think it's not so easy to be humorous with so many problems and hassles at work, the trick is not to identify with them. Keep distance from problematic situations and look at them as if they were not your own. This helps to maintain balance and resolve them.

Exercise also the ability to see the positive side of situations. You can look at a glass half full and consider it half full or half empty. With all situations of life is the same, is how we give meaning to them. We can see problems in all that happens to us, or perhaps see opportunities for learning and overcoming ... That makes all the difference when it comes to maintaining a good mood.

Author: Leila Navarro.
Motivational speaker in Brazil and abroad. Author of five books, all by Editora Gente. Won the "Top 8 Award of Mind HR Suppliers" in the "Speaker of the Year" in 2005.

Published: 18/09/2009.

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