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Thanks to former Vice President of the United States, Al Gore, who helped develop and raise awareness and people's attention to the carbon footprint and create a desire in the industry to "make things right", there is a growing number of jobs related to energy savings, the complementary cutting-edge technologies, environmental issues generated by the energy crisis.

According to a study by Management Information Services, Inc., a research firm based in Washington, DC, that has been monitoring the "green jobs" for two decades, new management and environmental protection companies have established themselves in the United States 5.3 million jobs.

In the past, jobs related to the environment were mostly related to regulatory obligations; now these jobs support a wide variety of initiatives, including sustainability, water processing and alternative energy sources. By 2010, "green jobs" will reach 5.8 million jobs in 2020 and a jump to 6.9 million. According to the Secretary of Labor and Statistics, one of the top 25 jobs between 2004 and 2014 is the hydrologist. Among their duties are the responsibility of clean water resources for people and agriculture. Another area in which the careers experienced significant growth is the water and wastewater treatment and management of hazardous materials.

Furthermore, it is expected that sales of green industry, including energy suppliers and consumer product suppliers, grow to $ 341 billion in 2010 to U $ 496 billion in 2020. To the extent that an industry is growing at this rate one can expect a significant creation of jobs.

"Green" initiatives are everywhere, we had already commented Denis Quaintance work which opened in 2007 his first real "green hotel". According to Harry Eepstein vice president of Innovation Havu Solutions Group, the company that provides products, with the exception of food to fast food and convenience stores, "Sustainability is first in the minds of our customers." Epstein is constantly searching for improvement in materials and processes to help their customers become increasingly "green" to the extent that improve the products and services offered.

The more and more companies have especially found the light of IBM Global Business Services study on Social Responsibility, is to be "greener" is more effective from the standpoint of cost and image and causes organizations to be more attractive, not only in relation to the retention and maintenance of talent, but also on the customers.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008.

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