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The law of supply and demand is more alive than ever in the university education sector. Responding to market needs in a highly competitive environment, a University of North Carolina began offering differentiated services to their students. Under the direction of Dr. Nido Qubein, a brilliant businessman in the region and renowned speaker, the High Point University (HPU) offers services and activity levels never before seen students in higher education.

Walking through the campus of HPU is a different experience. The main path, the Kester International Promenade, with lots of green, has distributed its speakers trees playing classical music. HPU recently added to its campus, six fonts other six will be installed shortly. Other activities are being implemented as live music in the cafeteria, beach volleyball courts and massage tubs for up to 16 people.

Students at HPU have several options with regard to food. During the summer months, a set of mobile ice cream (special trucks) offering for free a wide variety of ice cream. Moreover, the campus has two kiosks offering also free, soft drinks, snacks, juices, water, fruits, chocolates all day.

Students also enjoy parking services. There is coordination of general services that takes care of laundry services, reservations for restaurants in the area, buying tickets for shows outside the school and even wake up calls. An exclusive movie theater for students is about to be inaugurated. There is also a credit card system in which the expenses of the students are being charged and collected later.

"We think this model of generosity is important because we want students to adopt it, both in professional life, as in personal life," says Roger Clodfelter, director of HPU. "And it's also why we send a greeting card for the birthday of all students, a piece of cake and a small gift. We also send cards and small gifts to students who get sick," says Mr. Clodfelter. "We believe this is a holistic approach in this educational sector and thus prepare students for the real world." Clodfelter is responsible for these value-added services at HPU.

The registration of new students has grown significantly. And it is clear that other colleges and universities follow in the footsteps of HPU, seeking innovative actions so that they can attract more students and increase the portfolio of value-added services.

Note: Dr. Nido Qubein, director of HPU, was in Brazil in October 1995 at the invitation of TDC, leading an international seminar addressing the topic Positioning.

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