Domain registration for sites

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Domain registration for sites

Your site was born, either just as an idealized design, or already as a developed project, then you need register the birth of it, giving it a name and last name, according to its goal of life.

The site's domain name is totally free to choose and determine, but the surname (extension) of the same must be in accordance with the standards of the domain registration companies, such as ".com", " ", " .net ", " ", "org ", "", among many, many others.

Most important of all is that the complete combination of name and extension of the site is not being used by anyone, so you need to enter the site of preferred registrar and perform due research.

Once you have the name and extension of the site, checked if it is free to be used by you, you must then register it and pay the registration fee within the period determined by the registrar.

In Brazil, one of the companies most used for domain name registration is the "", which usually charges around R$ 30.00 (thirty reais) per year for a domain registration of extension (suffix) "" and its maintenance, which is practically the most used extension in the country.

Remember that to register a domain, you must have already chosen before what will be the hosting server (host) of the same, because you have to enter, upon registration, the IP (Internet Protocol) of the main server, as the IP of the secondary server (slave), which are provided to you by your hosting company, when it is contracted.

Date of text production: 24/01/2015.

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